Andrea Larko

Contributing Artist & Torchbearer

I’ve been drawing since I could hold a crayon and have always found it peaceful to draw and paint. It became more than just a hobby when I decided to go to college for art and although I kick myself now at times for not attaining a degree in a more stable and profitable field, I could not deny my true love for the arts. So I ended up graduating with a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY in 2007.

I currently freelance and do a lot of commission work but I have yet to be able to support myself off of just my art, so I’m looking for that stable 9-5 job as well. I spend the majority of my day with my English Bulldog Sophia by my side either painting, drawing, applying for jobs or tying flies. She lets me know when we’ve spent too much time in the studio and need to take a break by filling the room with gas so toxic that even the turpentine fumes beg for mercy.

I have a wonderful other half (Zeb) who also loves to tie flies and our fishing trips are the highlight of my year. He builds custom fly rods (Snowman Custom Rod Works) and after fishing with one of his rods it’s like painting on the water compared to plowing through it. Fly fishing is now an art form in and of itself to me only thanks to him and the beautiful rods he’s built me over the years.

Once the weather breaks Zeb and I will be on a stream somewhere chasing the hatches as we do every season. As I swing the fly line hopefully catching more fish than tree branches, my art then takes place on the water instead of a studio. There will be campfires with flaming marshmallows and stories where the fish get incrementally larger each time the tale is told. I’ll spend the rainy days in my studio with the dog knowing that tomorrow everything will be the same but different. I can’t wait.

To see more of Andrea’s work – or to buy prints of her fine-art efforts, please visit her page on ETSY (Her Rainbow and Brown trout pieces are amazing!).